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Our parks

Take a tour of our TRC Parks and see what makes us stand out from the competition.

Poza TRC Park Cluj

TRC Park Cluj

The place to be for industrial and logistics in east Cluj. TRC Park Cluj will deliver 11 units of various sizes, suitable for a range of business uses.
We offer flexible modules from 800 sqm – 50.000 sqm

Poza-TRC Park Transilvania

TRC Park Transilvania

TRC Park Transilvania or Parc Logistic Transilvania is the first logistic and industrial project developed by Transylvania Constructii in
Cluj-Napoca, in a very accessible location and very close to the airport and city center.


TRC Park Bacău

Occupy class a space in a prime location adjacent to Bacău Airport and excellent road connectivity. The first premium industrial Park in Bacău.


TRC Park Timișoara

TRC Park Timișoara is located in Giarmata, Timiș County, just minutes away from the A1 highway providing good connections for any suppliers.


TRC Park Arad

Excelent infrastructure and accessibility


TRC Park Cluj Aeroport

The park is strategically located near the “Avram Iancu” International Airport and has immediate access to the ring road of Cluj-Napoca.


TRC Park Oradea EST

TRC Park Oradea complements our existing industrial parks nationally increasing the company`s footprint considerably on the national map of industrial parks.


TRC Park Oradea VEST

We have added Oradea to the map of TRC PARKS network and we will continue to carefully and selectively mark our position in the market, aiming, in the near future, to expand to other reference locations in the country.

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