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TRC PARK BACĂU – the first park with Breeam Certificate from Moldova Region

  • 2 years ago
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How do we develop logistics parks designed and equipped for light production or warehousing services? These are constant preoccupations for Transilvania Construcții Group: identifying the best locations and the top alternatives for the fastest delivery of goods. TRC Park Bacău is designed in accordance with the ISU demands.

            Transilvania Construcții Group, an experienced construction developer, follow the sustainable business ideas and it is the only park from Moldova Region that has BREEAM Certification. These modules are available now and their surfaces vary from 600mto 12000m2.

            The projects we develop through TRC PARKS aim to go beyond the normative standards of the real estate industry and to develop industrial parks that promote job growth and urban regeneration by recapitulating our portfolio of good practices. The portfolio of the Transilvania Construcții group measures over 160,000 sq m built. Developments can also be found in Cluj, Arad and Timișoara.

            Our engineers and architects teams are currently working for to maintain this Group at the highest standards and to do sustainable actions for future use.

            The main features of TRC Park Bacău are:

  • LED lighting in warehouses and cubicles;
  • Superior thermal effiency panels;
  • Waterproofing PVC membrane roof, basalt wool;
  • Heating of halls with high quality equipment – air heaters and destratifiers brand MARK;
  • Road parks and green areas maintenance.

            All these facilities are practical, sustainable solutions that increase the thermal efficiency of buildings and significantly reduce utility costs.

            “Our certifications are being obtained, we turned to specialized advice because we want to argue the quality of TRC PARKS and through an official recognition of environmental performance. We are carrying out this integrative process for all our future developments – the first BREEAM certification obtained being for the Novis Plaza office building.”

            Andrei Timofte – CEO of Transilvania Construcții

            Contact TRC PARKS:

            0722 754 144             0724 351 373

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